USB CNC Station™(support page)


  • Upgrade older NC controls with CNC capability
  • Replaces punched tape readers (BTR)
  • Easy to use, menu-driven commands
  • Built-in editor
  • Uses PC-compatible diskettes
  • DNC Network Communications
  • Compatible with WinDNC, WinDCS and e-DNC Explorer


Greco Systems’ CNC Station is a versatile NC/CNC part program management system and DNC Network terminal that combines the superior productivity features of the CNC Minifile (Greco Box), and product enhancements into one compact ruggedized workstation designed specifically for use in harsh shop environments requiring DNC Software communications.

Upgrade Machine Tool Capabilities

The CNC Station protects substantial investments in existing equipment by maximizing the operating efficiency of the machine tool control. Limited capabilities on older controls are greatly improved by increasing part program storage and adding part program editing functions. Frequently executed part program macros and subroutines can be permanently stored to be used over and over again saving valuable time. Using the CNC Station on controls with DNC capabilities, lengthy part programs that otherwise might exceed the control’s memory can be loaded in real time, block by block. Programs can be stored and executed from up to 4MB of battery protected SRAM (non-volatile RamDisk) or a standard 3.5″ PC floppy disk. This user selectable capability makes the CNC Station the perfect fit for all part programs regardless of the length of the program.

Powerful Functionality

The CNC Station’s powerful capabilities allow part programs to be manually created or edited directly at the machine tool control. The user can easily perform edit functions while the program text is displayed on the CNC Station or on a CRT Terminal. The multi-tasking operations of the CNC Station provide the capabilities to transfer a part program to the control while editing a second program, and at the same time, receive a program over the network. The multi-tasking feature of the CNC Station enables the user to perform several tasks simultaneously, thus increasing the productivity of the job shop while maximizing machine tool functionality.

DNC Networking

The CNC Station is (optionally) an integral part of the GrecoNet DNC network and is the perfect interface to transfer programs from CAD/CAM systems to the machine tool. The operator can select part programs at the CNC Station and direct them to the appropriate control. Utilizing the multi-tasking feature, part program distribution takes place independently of Network Management, CAD/CAM programming and other computer functions to ensure machine “up time” resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

Machine Control Interface

The CNC Station interfaces to virtually any (see our Control Chart) NC/CNC control utilizing pre-programmed communication protocols and the industry’s largest variety of interface applications. The CNC Station is plug compatible with virtually all punched tape readers, cassette tape units and other part program storage devices, so upgrading NC/CNC controls with advanced manufacturing technology is easy.

Proven Reliability and Support

The CNC Station is built upon Greco Systems solid reputation for providing reliable productivity solutions to the machine tool industry. Our Customer Support Staff provides technical assistance both during and after product installation to ensure maximum performance with minimal interruptions in production time.