TSS-15/19™ Touch Screen Computer


  • Touch Screen computer / Panel PC
  • Vista, Windows XP, Embedded XP
  • Intel Core 2 Duo / Celeron
  • 1.83 GHZ, 667 MHZ FSB, 2M CACHE
  • PCI and/or PC104 Expansion Slots
  • 15″ Touch Panel Display/ 5 wire
  • Configurable Metal Enclosure
  • Flexible Vesa Wall & Panel Mounting
  • Available in Hard Disk free system
  • Low Power for increased reliability

TSS-15 is a high performance touch screen PC fully integrated for use in applications in many industries. This industrial pc is designed for mouse and keyboard-free operation on standard operating systems and draws upon two decades of experience in building industrial computers to withstand environmental conditions not tolerated by the office computer.

This industrial computer (industrial pc) is designed to withstand harsh environments subjected by many different industries. Our touch screen PC (touch PC), commonly referred to as Touch Screen Computer, can be configured as a standalone panel computer or it can be configured as a wall mount panel computer with the simple addition of specially designed brackets that attach the panel computer to a bulkhead or wall.

Flexible Rugged Metal Enclosure
TSS-15 touch pc allows for various configurations of CPU boards, expansion cards, user I/O ports and operating systems. Embedded Windows XP is a favorite where the added reliability of a Solid State System Drive is preferred. Our Technical Support team can provide a custom configuration of hardware and operating system to meet the customer’s needs. The TSS-15 is configured as a Touch PC or Panel PC, is a harsh environmentally resistant industrial computer.

Touch Screen Computers
Greco Systems’ touch screen computers are designed using Color Active Matrix LCD technology with a high quality touch panel sensitive surface. Touch screen computers respond to fingertip input off the touch panel in place of a mouse and are highly resistant to solvents and chemicals found in industrial environments. The display is sealed along the panel surface to prevent liquids from dripping into the unit under normal use.

Touch Screen Industrial Computer

TSS-15 touch pc is based on standard computer technology to allow Windows-based products to operate in environments that would otherwise prohibit the use of any computer than industrial computers. TSS-12 allows for mouse-free operation of Windows programs and is easy to use. The unit comes standard with built-in 10/100BaseT Ethernet port, USB 2.0 ports, parallel printer port, RS-232 ports and an auxiliary keyboard port for maintenance personnel. Variations of the unit allow for up to 16 RS-232 serial ports for highly specialized applications. Internal components are standard off-the-shelf and readily available to reduce time and cost for service or repair.

Applications for Touch Screen Industrial Computers

Touch screen pc, rugged pc and Military computer form an industrial computer line produced by Greco Systems for the past decade. The rugged pc / Military computer, the GRCS series, range from strictly industrial computer applications to Military applications designed to meet Mil-std-810 and Tempest Level II. The Military computer and rugged pc can be viewed on the Greco Systems web site.

  • Rugged PC industrial automation
  • Panel PC Voting machines
  • Touch PC Point-of-sale (POS) terminals
  • Industrial PC Medical equipment
  • Office automation
  • Panel PC Retail automation
  • Pharmacy automation
  • Touch PC for Energy and Power Plants