• Upgrade CNC Controls with USB 2.0
  • CNC Flash Memory to the control
  • Wireless DNC to the CNC control
  • FTP service to the CNC control
  • Versatile part program storage
  • Call programs from the CNC control
  • Compatible with virtually any control
  • No DNC software required to operate

Greco Systems’ OmniDNC joins the family of DNC hardware products bringing added capability to early CNC controls. OmniDNC supports USB 2.0 to provide CNC flash memory at the control, add critical long part program drip feed or add wired or wireless connection to a local area network. OmniDNC can be configured to operate in or out of a DNC system, providing the benefits of both standalone and DNC networking. Built-in the DNC hardware is communication DNC software to transfer the part program to the CNC Control either to memory or drip feed. If the customer wishes to integrate OmniDNC with his network, client software to enable PC access is provided with the product.

USB upgrade to your control

With the proliferation of USB 2.0 devices in the computer industry, Greco Systems introduces OmniDNC to bring advanced technology to early CNC machine tool controls. OmniDNC is a DNC hardware device to transform your control to have virtually unlimited memory capacity, add an FTP service or adapt a secure wired or wireless DNC 802.11 a/b/g.

CNC Flash Memory

The USB 2.0 allows for a CNC flash drive which are rugged and reliable data storage devices. Part programs are recorded on the CNC flash drive and walked over to the machines requiring download. Very long programs, greater than the memory capacity of the control, can be executed directly off the CNC flash drive in tape or drip feed mode. Part programs are spooled off the flash drive and transmitted to the CNC control in real-time as the machine is cutting the part.

Secure Wireless DNC to the Control

Marry your CNC Control to a Wireless File Server by simply plugging in an external 802.11 Wireless to USB 2.0 Adapter. This configuration gives you secure wireless DNC without the need to purchase additional DNC software. All software to administer and perform DNC functions is included if needed.

CNC FTP Service to the Control

While operating in a Wireless or Wired DNC, OmniDNC can provide CNC FTP service to your control, allowing the part program to be stored to the local USB Flash Drive. Although there are several ways to perform that transfer, including using Microsoft Windows file management control, Greco Systems offers this capability for shops that are already using CNC FTP in their DNC environment.

CNC Minifile, CNC Station Compatibility

OmniDNC is compatible with the CNC Minifile and CNC Station. The part program can be called directly from the OmniDNC using the CNC Minifile or CNC Station and transfered to the control via Behind the Tape Reader (BTR) interface. This is an especially powerful add on device for machines requiring a Paper Tape replacement application.