MTIC ™(Behind-Tape-Reader, BTR)


  • Behind the Tape Reader Device
  • Replaces any Paper Tape Reader
  • Controlled by the DNC software
  • Advanced protocol for secure data
  • Operate PassThru or RAM Disk mode
  • Drip Feed or load control memory
  • Compatible with any CNC Control
  • Parallel or RS-232C Serial

Greco Systems’ Behind the Tape Reader (BTR, MTIC) technology is the most advanced in the industry. Derived from the CNC Minifile, Greco Systems brings a sophisticated upgrade to controls requiring data input from a parallel tape reader interface. Similar to the CNC Minifile, Greco’s behind the reader will interface with virtually any NC or CNC control where a paper tape reader and paper tape punch once were plugged in.

Replaces any Paper Tape Reader

Greco Systems’ behind the tape reader ( MTIC) will interface with any NC/CNC Control that operates using a paper tape reader. Cables and adapters are used to match the MTIC paper tape reader and paper tape punch ports to the wide range of physical connections needed to accommodate any particular NC or CNC control. Specific reader speed, signal timing and output polarity are programmable in the MTIC and set up by parameters entered in the DNC Software.

Behind the tape reader operation

The MTIC operates in a DNC software environment and plugs into the paper tape reader and paper tape punch ports on the control. Controlled by the DNC software, the MTIC communicates through a dedicated serial port at either 9600 or 19,200 BAUD rate. Data are transmitted 8 bit transparent to the MTIC and loaded into a 4 X 512 byte FIFO buffer while simultaneously delivered to the NC/CNC control from the FIFO buffer as required. Additionally, up to 1.2MB of RAM disk can be installed on the MTIC and part program files can be stored in their entirety and delivered as required to the machine. Transmissions between the MTIC and the DNC system are block oriented with data checking and there is logic to automatically recover error conditions during transmission.

Controlled by the DNC software

The DNC software has total control of the MTIC. Driven by the GrecoNet Host file control serial protocol, the user is given the ability to store one or more part programs on the RAM drive, obtain DIRECTORY information, DELETE files, SELECT a file and initiate a transfer, ABORT an operation and more. The user also has the ability to search to any point in the part program and initiate the transfer from that point. The MTIC BTR operation can operate in both file control mode whereby part programs are stored in RAM drive or Pass-Thru Buffered FIFO mode whereby the part program is maintained on the file server or computer initiating the DNC software operation.

Behind the tape reader Annunciation

Located on the top panel of Greco’s MTIC BTR are four annunciation lamps. These lamps are useful in determining the operation of the behind the reader device.

    • Power Indicator
    • Network Activity
    • File Open
    • Machine Activity

GrecoNet and Behind the Tape Reader protocol

Greco Systems utilizes the GrecoNet serial protocol providing absolute control of its MTIC behind the reader and similar devices such as the CNC Minifile and CNC Stations. Competitive BTR devices typically use a simple flow control protocol such as X-ON/X-OFF that provide no mechanism to send commands to the BTR to perform such operations as ABORT and RESTART. X-ON/X-OFF provide no operations to enhance the capability of the BTR device.

Listed below are some of the operations performed by the GrecoNet protocol through its DNC Software.

        • List Directory
        • Free Space
        • Delete File
        • Select File and initiate download
        • Abort operation
        • Format RAM Drive

Executive Tapes or Exec Tapes

Greco Systems MTIC BTR enables the user to load their Exec Tapes to its control similar to using the original paper tape reader. Greco offers a service to copy tapes to other recorded media such as CD, Floppy and Flash Drive. Contact our office to discuss how Greco can help with your Behind the Tape Reader application.