e-DNC™ Explorer

edncexplorerDNC operator console ideal for total plant monitoring of machine status and operator alert messages. e-DNC Explorer provides an easy view of the entire shop floor operation, providing status and messages transmitted by the operator when assistance is needed.

  • DNC software for Windows 95 to Vista
  • True Client/CommServer™ environment
  • Shop Folder Part Library
  • Real Time reporting of machine activity
  • Fully supported remote Call Down
  • Multi-Level Security for shop floor environment
  • Interfaces with Greco Systems’ hardware devices
  • Concurrent communications with all machine tools
  • Compatible with Greco Systems’ DNC hardware such as the e-DNC Hub

Greco Systems’ e-DNC Explorer™ is latest in state-of-the-industry technology for communicating with machine tools in a DNC Network environment.Inventor of VersaNet in 1984 and WinDNC in theearly 90’s, Greco Systems capitalizes on 20 years technical experience in the industry that enablesthe production of this new product.

True Client/CommServer™ Environment

e-DNC Explorer introduces true Client/CommServer environment. In this environment, e-DNC Explorer operates as a remote terminal with multiple communication host computers and hubs distributed throughout the network. In addition, multiple copies of e-DNC Explorer, operating on different computers, may also interface with the same communication host computers and hubs.

The Client/CommServer Advantage

There is no requirements to have a physical connection between the e-DNC Explorer operator console and the machine tool. The customer is in complete control of the physical architecture of his network. Therefore, the customer may choose to centralize control of the environment by having one or two consoles strategically placed on his network or he may decentralize by having a console at every machine tool or cell.

Part Library Folder

Part Library Folder enables the customer to organize its files from a standard directory structure in folder groups containing the information needed to produce a particular part. The operator, having the ability to examine the Part Library Folder, is given access under the part name or number to information such as Setup Sheets, Tooling Data, Traveler, Drawings and Part Programs. The Planner builds a Part Library Folder by simply dragging and dropping the required files in a Window.

Multi-Level Security

In addition to the security adopted for the Local Area Network (LAN) environment, e-DNC Explorer employs multi-level security as it applies to DNC Administrators, Operators and Machine Tools. An Operator can be restricted to a single machine or given access to any number of machines on the network. Administrators are given access to communication setup parameters as it applies to machine tools.

Feature Rich

e-DNC Explorer, by design, is rich in features to provide the customer the tools needed to maintain higher levels of production and performance. The software was written in Microsoft Visual C++ to gain an edge on overall system performance. Maintainability and migration to later operating systems is further enhanced under this development environment.