DL-1020/DL-1021/PDL-1020 ™(OEM products)

OEM floppy storage devices to plug into a CNC control using RS-232c and permanently mounted at the control.
Greco Systems’ DL-1020 is a compact Machine Interface Unit (MIU) providing communication and storage capability to many controls. The DL-1020 provides up to 12,000 feet of part program storage on MS-DOS compatible diskettes. System power and communication links are achieved through the existing RS-232 port on the control without modification to standard factory settings. The unit is mounted internally on any convenient panel and connected in series with the control’s RS-232 port using the T cable provided. When a diskette is inserted, the control communicates directly with the DL-1020. At all other times, the system allows normal operation of the control’s serial port.
The DL-1020 is also available with a spring-loaded hinged metal cover over the diskette opening. For cases where a panel mount is not desired, an external case with a hinged metal cover is available.


Like the Minifile, the DL-1020 can emulate several diskette and tape storage units, and knows many other communication protocols used by machine tool controls. For those protocols that emulate other units, the operator can use the DL-1020 directly from the control as he would use the other unit. For protocols that do not have that capability, the operator can ‘punch’ a small command file to the DL-1020 (something like “SEND FILE39”). After a short time delay to let the operator set the control, it then performs the specified function. This is similar to the Remote Calldown feature in GNserver.

Network Ready

The DL-1020 can also operate as a node on a Greco Systems DNC Network. This allows the unit to access files located on a file server in addition to its internal diskette. It also allows an operator at the file server to send or retrieve files to the diskette and perform other remote control functions.

Panel Mounting and Overall Dimensions

These measurements apply only to the panel mount versions. Custom panels can be created for OEM customers.