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Machine Tool Interface Controller  ( MTIC or BTR )

MTIC Interface
bulletBehind-the-Reader ( BTR ) interface Device
bulletSupport for unique proprietary serial machine communication protocols
bulletCommon interface device for any variety of machine controls
bulletDNC Network Communications
bulletCompatible with e-DNC Explorer, WinDNC  and WinDCS
bulletOptional battery backed memory up to 4MB

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The Machine Tool Interface Controller (MTIC) works with Greco Systems' WinDNC, e-DNC Explorer and WinDCS DNC software as a standard interface card for all machine tool controls equipped with tape reader or punch units.



As a Behind-the-Reader (BTR) interface, the MTIC provides full reader and punch emulation for bi-directional communications with the CNC controls.  For those machine tool controls with RS-232, it supports virtually every serial communications protocol on the market.  It can be used as additional memory for the machine tool control by selecting the optional battery backed SRAM.



The MTIC can operate in pass-thru or drip feed mode.  When programs exceed the machine control's memory, they can be run directly from the PC's hard disk.  This method of communication depends on the machine's capability to execute programs from an external source, either through the RS-232 port or via BTR connection.  In both the serial or parallel versions, the MTIC is configured at the PC, and the configuration is sent to the MTIC via the network.

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