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1) Thin-client DNC Units, no PCs required, low cost

2) USB & 802-11g/n Wireless CNC MINIFILE

3) 802-11g/n Wireless RS-232C DNC with drip feed

4) 802-11g/n Wireless Behind the Tape Reader (BTR)


Greco DNC , Greco Box, CNC DNC Software and Hardware


Greco DNC offers a range of CNC DNC software and DNC hardware to the machine tool

industry. Our CNC DNC software includes WinDNC and is supported with many advanced

DNC hardware choices to enable you to taylor shop floor requirements to your specific

needs.  CNC DNC software is a specialty of Greco Systems to include wireless DNC, BTR,

Async DNC hub, shop floor workstations, portable upload and download devices and

touch screen computers. The CNC Minifile or Greco Box was developed years ago

and is supported, manufactured and sold into the industry to this day.


DNC Thin Client Hub

Touch Screen Computer


WinDCS DNC software

USB CNC Minifile Greco Box

WinDNC DNC software



Wireless DNC


e-DNC Hub and OmniDNC


Greco Systems introduces the DNC Hub to provide the most flexible DNC network solution

ever offered to the Machine Tool Inudstry.  E-DNC Hub is a self-contained unit that

includes the CNC DNC hardware and CNC DNC software to administer, control and

operate the environment.  E-DNC Hub is a significant change in philosophy, using true

state-of-the-art technology, while maintaining simplicity in construction and outstanding

performance second to none.  E-DNC Hub is compatible with Greco BTR (MTIC),

and other Greco Box devices such as the CNC Minifile.  E-DNC Hub is fully compatible

with WinDNC and WinDCS in a DNC network.


OmniDNC is our most recent DNC network solution designed to bring added capability

to your CNC control.  If you are wanting to add Flash Drive, Wireless DNC or FTP

services to your existing control, consider OmniDNC.


Rugged Computer, Touch Screen and Industrial Computer


Add industrial computer, rugged computer and touch screen computer to the many

products produced by Greco Systems.  Flexible design allow these products to be

customized to meet your specific needs.  Touch Screen Computer is also listed with

Greco CNC Software and Hardware because some of our customers prefer mouse

and keyboard free operation of their DNC software as well as other shop floor applications.

Contact us and speak with one of our specialists that can help you with your decision

with a Touch Screen Computer, Rugged Computer or Industrial Computer.


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